“Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, and the power to unite people in a way that little else can – it is an instrument of peace.”

- Nelson Mandela


"Kaitz has the ability to take you from recreational athlete to world class competitor. Capable of designing the BEST program to suit your needs, he has experience working with a wide range of fitness levels. His insight, knowledge and true passion for what he does are Gold Medal quality!”

- Michelle Roark, 2006 Olympic Mogulist
"After 3 torn ACLs I expected to find myself a weaker athlete, not a stronger one. Kaitz made it happen. Kaitz's rehab program takes an injured athlete to the next level, rather than just healing them without touching their skill or fitness. The program translates into a training program, so once you're helaed you're not left with nowhere to go. As an athlete, when you rehab an injury you're not training to lift weights, you're training to get yourself back onto the field, court, mountain, or wherever your sporting arena is. In the gym you rarely get to exactly mimic your sport and even if you do you're losing the focus on certain parts of your fitness and skills that may need specific work. Kaitz's training program eliminates this problem by finding sport-specific ways to train off the field while still manipulating a variety of athleticism you would experience when actually in competition. This means that depending on your sport you'll use a pool, trampoline, balance tools, and natural landscape to your training advantage. What my body got from sprints up hills and beaches, and simulation on the trampoline and in the pool could never be matched by traditional training methods that don't move beyond a weight room and a track. Traditional training methods make bodies that look like athletes, Kaitz's training methods make bodies that perform like athletes."

-Anu Khosla
"John Kaitz is flat out the most effective trainer I've ever worked with. I'm in my 40's now, but I've had fibromyalgia since age 15. The only way I've found to mitigate it's effect is through working out. However, I've actually gotten to a level of pretty consistantly comfortable working with John - and for me, that's huge!

He brings a real depth and bredth of knowlege so he can pull from physical therapy type stuff on a "bad day" and advanced athletic conditioning moves on a good day. He always takes into account where I am and how I'm feeling on a given day to decide what workout will best serve me, both short term and long term. I had a pretty severe imbalance in strength between my left and right sides when I came to John - that's ancient history now. I challenge myself more than I knew I could have before working with John, and I've made progress I hadn't imagined I could have. I'm really grateful for his experience and expertise.

Of course, I also have the usual goals of looking good while I'm getting strong and building endurance and John has given me great ideas about how to make my food work as fuel towards my goals. He's offered reminders of how to get the most bang for my caloric buck and also things I wouldn't have thought of on my own, but it's always stuff I can use. He's always looking for things that will work for me."

-Ali Nufire, Personal Training Client
"I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to John! I've run a half marathon and completed 2 sprint triathlons all in the top half of my age group... None of this would have been possible without John!"

- Tim Nufire, Personal Training Client
"Working with John Kaitz has been incredible. There is no doubt about John's seriousness and incredible talent (the results speak for themselves) but what is most important is the valuable life lesson he teaches. John has made me aware of how precious my physical and mental health is and this is precisely what makes a healthy and challenging work-out routine so rewarding. I cannot thank you enough for believing in me and, above all, daring me to believe in myself."

- Gissella Herrera "Go Bears!"