“Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, and the power to unite people in a way that little else can – it is an instrument of peace.”

- Nelson Mandela


It is no secret that today more than ever, the health status of our future generations is more at risk than the previous generation. One indication of this fact is the rise in childhood obesity over the last two decades, with the obesity rate for children aged 2-5 doubling, and for adolescents aged 6-11 tripling (Institute of Medicine, Sept., 2004).

Obesity is represented and defined by the Body Mass Index scale. For adults, anything over a score of 30 BMI is considered obese. For youth, a BMI greater than the "95th percentile of the age and gender-specific BMI charts developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" would place them in the obese category (Institute of Medicine, Sept., 2004). Generally, a BMI score of 28-32 would place a youth in the obese category, depending upon age and gender.

Why does this trend exist? It is simple: lack of movement. It is difficult for kids today to move around, play, be involved in organized sports - or for that matter, even unorganized play - in today's world. Single parents with no time to get their kids involved in sports; both parents working, with similar time constraints; play "areas" disappearing daily, where all kids get to see when they walk out the door in the morning is a street corner or building, not a sandlot or park; more fast food chains that appeal to the younger populations, or to parents with no time to prepare healthy meals; not enough organizations that help our youth get moving, either in sport or games - the list goes on.

It is my intention to be one of those organizations that DOES provide organized, supervised movement activities for our youth. These activities can be sport related - preparation training for football, baseball, basketball, skiing, wrestling, etc. - or fitness related, which would include diet programs and group exercise activities.

Activities are scheduled (like practices), and the participants and their parents must agree to participate in the complete course, whether it's a 3 session training introduction, or a 30 session program.

Fees are based on the activity and program, but accessibility and affordability is a primary concern. If you are an athlete training for a college sport, competition is fierce. How can you make yourself better? Give yourself that edge you need to get those recruiters looking at you. Proper PREPARATION is the answer! Make effective and productive use of your time preparing for the next level by using the Kaitz Performance Training methods. Who knows, a scholarship may be weighing in the balance, and your training can tip the scales in your favor!

Now, there IS somewhere to go to get healthier, get stronger, get better!